Phillip Wong Photography

Still Life

        The photography of objects can be relatively simple, or it can be an artistic evocative study of shape, form, texture, color, perspective and composition.

        There is a vast difference between still life photographs to show as much detail of an object, for sales across the world, to a consumer buyer, who NEEDS to know, EXACTLY what they are paying for – and a study of shape, design and beauty that reminds us that we are alive – and what some of this collection was created for – to evoke a mood for an event that we were proposing to a client.

        The number of floral images, were samples to show how, and where, a floral or decor proposal would be used, the color, mood and style it would convey for the hosting company of an event.    In ways similar to my fashion photography – I focused on either the design sense, or the emotional content of how it might be experienced.

           Cataloging items for inventory, or sales, organizing images to transfer the image of the item, rather than the actual item – has become core to our global and cultural world. The approach to these kind of needs is not artistic, but production-oriented. While artistry communicates intellect and emotion.

         The production aspect is a fundamental basis for all that we do in the modern world.

          I have to admit that I don’t have the same level of emotional connection or excitement with inanimate objects, as I do with people and animals. And I think it is reflected in my work.

          But beyond the practicality of efficiency production and workflows, a peripheral background in architecture, has given me a feel for composition, perspective, weight, dynamic scale, texture and color that pulls on classical visions and dynamism that evolving technology has afforded us.