Phillip Wong Photography

Gold Richtig

          Working from one country, for another country or to produce editorial work that has relevance and interest to multiple audiences takes understanding not solely what MY tastes are, but what THEIR tastes are. 

            I had spoken to the editors of Madame Magazine initially in Munich, and did follow up discussions when I returned to a base in New York. We met in Miami to shoot multiple stories for a few issues.

             I started with the premise that their German audience (cold weather), would want to see sun, sand, glamor, and something different. 

         In producing Gold Richtig, I found that Hialeah racetrack was not in session, and immediately inquired about the availability. We gained access to some of the public areas (we didn’t want to bring in ground crews or open paddocks, and backstretches because of the cost), but the grandeur of “The Sport of Kings,” with palm trees and long stretches of roadways, gave balance to the opulence of the wardrobe we were working with. 

         The model was German, superb and had a great tattoo on her foot which (for me), revealed her understanding of the clothing.  Make up and hair was perfect.