I spent years pitching story ideas to my managing editors at The Chicago Reporter at CBS Radio, and then in Italy when working for Vogue Italia, Donna & Bambini and The Face in London and I.D. Magazine.   

          Ideas, and production and shooting, have layers of interest: visual, conceptual, artistic, ephemeral and essential or elemental . . .  or simply cliched or trite.    Success with ambitious projects isn’t always there, but with so much to work with in our world, why would we choose to chase a cliche, or copy someone else?   

          From Where We Are . . .  To Where We Once Were, was meant to comment on the gentrification of low rent areas, and the new money, and new world, and new constructions that replaced them.  Visually, I wanted to question which had more emotional content?   I ultimately moved it to Verve Fashion Magazine for publication.

          The styling, we looking for boldness, sexiness, but strength and the intrinsic inter-relationship of what we wear, to who we are.