Phillip Wong Photography

A City Dances: The Announcement

          I always saw politics and government the same way as I look at my own work – a level of professionalism, humanity, and purpose.

          Sports and politics are the most visible aspects in our society, of what works, and doesn’t work – and for that reason, in a society that often doesn’t make sense, it is inspirational to see the passage of knowledge, values and purpose from generation to generation.

          New York sees things differently than many parts of America. It is a city comprised of people who think differently, who are physically separated from familial influences, and have both the ambition and determination to go their own mind. And then there are those who are one or two generations in the city, but came through language, education and racial barriers or who’s immediate family experienced those things.  They are aware of differences, but exposed to them, and their focus is on the prize, not the distraction.

           On the first day of early voting, lines wound around blocks multiple times, in various neighborhoods, Dominicans, Puerto Ricans, Haitians, were encouraging neighbors to vote, and in Brooklyn, food vans provided food to election workers.