Phillip Wong Photography

          Editorial photography, is the heart of all art. It is not technological, but human. It connects. It communicates. And great editorial work can move us from one point in human history, to a completely new understanding.

          I wanted to design this site to give my audience an idea of how I approach articles and stories, why I would propose them, and give editors and idea of my approach.


          I love to find out about the world. There are things and people I don’t know about, and when I discover them, I want others to know, to learn, to discover about who these people are, what they do, what the history and background is, and WHY it is relevant and important.

      If you have an idea or a story or a proposal, contact me. If you want to run something by me, I am open to listening.  The wide range of what you see on this site, is entirely due to my being receptive to things and people I have never heard of, or considered before.

The world is a very big place, and a very small place. It is big, in that we haven’t seen or done or know everything, and small, in the sense that everything is available to us.

Thank you for coming on this journey.