Phillip Wong Photography

Phillip Wong Photography is our photography site. Focusing specifically on the creation of image, through the digital and film processes, Phillip has been creating fluid, subtle images with emotional touchstones since the 1980s.

While he has worked with complex and intricate productions to create images, his work with personalities, and understanding the emotional depth of his subjects, has created iconic portraits and beauty shots traveling beyond the superficial.

While much of my work has been with fashion and people, the REAL essence is the story we tell, the feelings that are evoked, and our ability to communicate.I have been shooting for a number of years. But it is not just the shooting, but the wide variety of life experiences that feed into the way I use the tools of image creation.

A camera is a tool. Just as the pen or a keyboard is a tool.

I have often told people that we all have access to the same 26 letters in the alphabet, but that doesn’t make us Shakespeare. (Or Joyce, or Stephen King).Photography is like moving smoke in a room. You can’t touch it, but you have to move it in, or out, through communications or manipulation of the environment.

A project with Phillip Wong Photography should be thoughtful, flexible and ultimately decisive.It was always said to me: “Know what you are going to say, before you say it.”


And I have spent a lifetime researching what to say. And how to say it.