Phillip Wong Photography

           Phillip Wong Photography is our photography site.  Focusing this site specifically on the creation of image, through the digital and film processes, we have been creating fluid, subtle images with emotional touchstones for decades.

          There are two primary aspects of the artistic creation: there is the VISION, and the PRODUCTION of that vision.

          We have worked with complex and intricate productions to create images, working with personalities, concepts, and timelines.  Editorial work has probed emotional depth of his subjects, both in interviews and images, and  has created iconic portraits, beauty and fashion.

         This website is complex and wide-ranging. But we have tried to explain some of the thought processes behind the creation of images, the editorial decisions, and the intent we’ve looked for.

         Working in editorial photography, we have worked with the awareness of deadline, budgetary and content restraints, balance of image and written word, as well as the image dynamics of color, balance, perspective, composition, and how the image elements work with the overall graphic or platform design.

           Phillip Wong began as a writer, creating images from words, and progressed into an understanding of editorial awareness – what was the core element of a story or theme. As he went into journalistic photography, and then fashion, and film, he always looked for the element that would connect with what the audience wanted to know.

          We hope you see that here . . . .  and on future projects.  

A project with Phillip Wong Photography should be thoughtful, flexible and ultimately decisive.  It was always said to me: “Know what you are going to say, before you say it.”


And I have spent a lifetime researching what to say. And how to say it.