Phillip Wong Photography

Donna & Bambini: French Morocco and Children

         Going to Marrakesh, Morocco was interesting, for the country, the differences and the limitations. I went with Donna&Bambini, an Italian publication part of a major Italian publishing house at the same level as Conde Nast. We went as an Italian crew of stylists, editors and myself, to a French speaking country.

           I had to learn the culture on the fly, and work on the sharp lighting of a place that was too hot to shoot during much of the day, and only small periods of time as the souk began opening (afternoon through evening) or intricate Moslem tilework indoors during the day.  Working with the children of Morocco and French-Morocco, was gratifying, in dealing with their excitement, enthusiasm, their doubts, and my limited French. 

           Shooting editorial material on location is always a balance of content with location and safety.  Getting the boy in a photo with a snake trainer and a cobra without endangering the boy in another language . . .  was interesting, but only one of our adventures.