Phillip Wong Photography
Still Life

The Way to See Food

           One of the threads that you’ll see through my work is an amazing stream of talented, special artists and artisans.  I have always admired people who are driven to rise to unexpected levels, to produce uncommon work, and are passionate about their visions.

             Often these people are esoteric, quirky, unusual or difficult, but it has given me the opportunity to see the work up close. I’ve worked with numerous chefs and companies in the food industry who fit this mold. 

            In the first group of images, I did a project with Food and Wine Magazine, at an annual awards event. It was designed as a food tasting featuring several restaurants, chefs, and iconic kitchens. Starting with the menu items which were being tasted at this showcase, I photographed some of the raw ingredients, creating a pattern which was printed on the table covering.

          Tom Collicchio and Sisha Ortuzar’s Wichcraft, were using eggs and fish in a sandwich bite, so I focused on those items. Artisanal featured their cheeses, and I focused on the wide variety of shapes and tonal colors. Nobu was doing a carrot soup, and with Ballato, I focused on their freshly made pasta in shooting the shapes.

          Some friends, Dave and Deb Pitula, had a place in Brooklyn but were expanding into catering events, and I wanted to shoot some of what they were producing at a wedding in New York. They’ve since moved out to Colorado and have the Whistling Boar, but these were some of the offerings they had at the New York wedding reception. 

          Capturing the texture, color, taste, look, smell and feel of food, is what makes an audience feel what they see, and why they have their cravings.