Phillip Wong Photography

As It Develops – Our World

          I started out many years ago, as an investigative reporter.  I learned on the fly, about Truth. How to tell the Truth, how to recognize the Truth, and how the Truth sometimes was the mortar between the cracks, rather than the bricks that everyone sees.

          The newspaper that hired me, didn’t have a budget to have a photographer full time, and they gave me a camera – and while my investigations took forever (I thought), I began shooting spot news – hunting for stories, pitching stories, trying to persuade my editors to let me go.

          Over time, I learned more about photography, drifted (through one of my investigations), into fashion photography, which is an industry I have thoughts about, but in this period of time, I recognized that some of the great issues of our time, that have been building since I began, have become important to document.

          As a pandemic raged across the world, struck New York, I rushed into helping deliver food to hospital workers, but took a day off at the height of lockdown, to look at New York, and then when George Floyd was killed, the protests that followed, and then the election and the Announcement.

           These are some of the moments.

A City Reacts: After The Murder of George Floyd

A City Dances: The Announcement