Phillip Wong Photography

Faces – Emerging, Evolving, Establishing

          Faces reflect the perceptions and experiences behind eyes. Without knowing it, we read character, heart, thought, memories and spirit, as well as emptiness, behind every expression.

          I’ve photographed people for various reasons, some for myself, some for them, some because of a magazine and a project . . .  often, people want to “look like . . . ” someone famous,  but because they have their own journey, their own experiences and the thoughts they’ve learned, merge with experiences they’ve had, the camera captures each face differently. 

         I am intrigued by the urgency of today, but the timelessness of where we exist. We believe that we are different than anyone else, and we are . . . .  but we are also very much the same as others who came before us.  Each face shows both the unique, and the timelessness.