Phillip Wong Photography

Mixer Magazine – Tortured Souls – Five Doors – Personals

         MixMag changed their name to Mixer Magazine while I was shooting fashion and profile images for their DJ-focused and music event oriented publication.  I wanted to show the differences

        Tortured Souls was one of a number of fashion editorials I did for them based on whimsical stories we thought would be different in approach to mainstream fashion.

          It was released in early Spring, but had to be produced immediately after New Year, and I shot it on New York streets on a cold, windy, wet night. I usually didn’t abuse models like this but was grateful for their participation and support. 

          The clothes were all showy, nightlife, pulled together because the publication had so little production time or resources, but I wanted to create the feeling of illusion and excitement of the night world. 

          But Mixer had a whimsical, ironic approach to fashion and Five Doors and Personals mocked parts of society that it’s readers had knowledge and relationship of.