Phillip Wong Photography

Funki Porcini – Mixer Magazine

          While in London, I became friends with models who often spent nights going from pubs where they would gather information about various raves, and we would be invited to squats and warehouses, junkyards and undergrounds.

           I knew something about the House music scene emerging from Chicago, and London blew the scene up. When I came back to New York, I began working with a small publication MixMag, which changed to Mixer, which highlighted the DJs who emerged to become the stars of the underground scenes.

          Funki Porcini was one of the many artists who I was introduced to, and his mocking of money in his work made me hunt down handfuls of play money to burn in our shoot.

Like the London publications, young American designers were seeking to push the edges of design, but with a constant pressure of deadline and budget, we can see differences.