Phillip Wong Photography

Anna Magazine – Lingerie Story

         When I arrived in London from Milan, I wasn’t planning on shooting, but I went to visit publications, modeling agencies, people in the industry, just to introduce myself.

       I had viewed British fashion as going in two separate directions for a very long time – the classic, society designers and retail establishments, and the “street,” more irreverent, politically opinionated, structurally diverse, newer designers.

          Anna Magazine contacted me soon after I arrived. I was dependent on the first agencies I visited to point me to studios, labs, make-up, hair, stylists, assistants and of course, they helped me with the models.

           In New York, I had developed a black and white toned look that had a classic feel. Because I did everything myself, and each part of the process had been developed myself, I needed access to a lab, chemistry, equipment or use of these elements.