Phillip Wong Photography

Editorial Photography

Eyes Of A Nation

          In terms of shooting editorial, there is an element of budgeting. What can be done that is of interest to an audience, have relevance or importance, and can still be managed financially on a limited budget? Working independently, and for Verve Fashion Magazine our focus has to be on completion . . . .


          When we were discussing story ideas and wanted to do a Beauty Feature. How would we style it? Where would we go with it?  Hurricane Maria, and it’s impact on Puerto Rico was still in the news, and I wondered whether there were any Puerto Rican designers of clothing or accessories working or selling both in Puerto Rico and the continental United States.


          We started doing the research on all items and then using our Beauty Feature as a starting point, developed articles on Puerto Rico’s history culminating in the economic and political situation of today, and stories from people with families in Puerto Rico, or who had visited since the hurricane.