In New York, there are many actors who aspire and work with musical theater – Broadway.

Most of my work has been with people who work in film. I’ve worked with casting people, directors, producers and publications interested in the news of what is happening with these films. They want stories. They don’t want to be bored. They know when things have been done before and they look to showcase what makes their project different, what makes their characters different and how you reach that goal.

I put this section in because I have been asked to shoot headshots by so many actors who’s first question is: “how much?”   The second question is: “have you ever done headshots?”  But when casting agents or commercial agencies call, they want to know who stands out. But the reason they call me, is because they want to know who I’ve shot with, what I know about them, whether they fire MY interest. My interest is in the people: their hearts, their souls, their minds, and how it’s reflected in their faces and bodies and projected out to audiences who might never know them, never meet them – but will be influenced by what they see.

Headshots. And portraits.

Are not about what kind of camera is being used. But what kind of person is holding the camera . . . . . . . . and the person IN the image.